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The new model for the VoIP services is based on the Session Initiation Protocol - SIP, running on top of the wi-fi networks (to be deployed using homebrew can antennas) and of the existing leased line connections between the Telecenters and CIUEM ISP. The solution consists of free opensource software for the SIP and the VoiceMail Servers. The user agents (SIP Client terminals) will be based on softphones (e.g. Windows Messenger, XTEN ), and conventional Telephone handsets attached to an IP-Telephony Terminal Adapter (TA) compatible with SIP. The scheme below gives an overview of the above-mentioned model.

CIUEM Network Schematic

The team also plans to test Fax over IO services and as well the connection between the VoIP network and the local PSTN infrastructure. The later will of course depend on the existing regulatory aspects existing in the country.