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July 2005

Two new partners were indentified:

MTC - Ministry of Transport and Communication MICTI - Mozambique Information and Communication Technology Institute

The project team is doing some procurement in terms of prices of equipments to build can antennas using the local installations (one lab at University Campus and two labs at the Industrial Institute of Maputo). At the time being the team is waiting for the delivery of the equipment.

The Ministry of Education has identified four students from the Industrial Institute of Maputo, who will take part in the process of building the can antennas.

In terms of the architecture of the solution, the project team redefined the implementation Model, moving from H.323 to SIP as the support protocol for VoIP services. The main motivation for this change is the wide support and development both in terms of software and hardware compliant with SIP. The new proposed solution is briefly described in the "connectivity" section.