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The objective of the proposed project is to deploy a computer network to interconnect the Provincial Directorate of Education and Culture and 4 Secondary Schools. In this first phase of the project, the Inhambane province was chosen, and the Provincial Directorate of Education and Culture (hereinafter DPECI) plus the 3 Schools located in the cities of Inhambane and Maxixe that are lecturing up to the 12th class were covered, namely:

  • Secondary School 29 de Setembro in Maxixe, hereinafter ES29S;
  • Secondary School Emília Dausse in Inhambane, hereinafter ESEDA;
  • Secondary School of Muelé in Inhambane, hereinafter ESMUE.

Although it did not meet the above stated criteria, the Secondary School 3 de Fevereiro in Inhambane, herein after ES3FV, was also included, due to the need of creating a repeating point in the wireless network to reach the ESMUE.



The immediate motivation for the deployment of this network was to share a single Internet connection and therefore reduce overall monthly costs in order to assure a long-term sustainability. However, once such a network is deployed the potential to include other services, that would not be possible or at least viable if each school had just its own separate network, is tremendous, for example Voice over IP, shared Mail, Proxy and WEB servers, shared applications like virtual library, just to named a few. On the other hand, once in place and functioning, such a network can easily grow just by having more schools connected to this initial backbone. It is our firm conviction that, using the wireless technology implemented in this first phase the network could easily grow up to at least 100kms from its actual focus point which means probably a few tens of schools for the case of Inhambane province. The other major goal of this project is to develop a solution that once tested can easily be replicated in other provinces all over the country.