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August 2005

Internet access, shared bandwidth and local ISP

Angonet is leading by example in what they have done with securing a viable satellite connection, distributing Internet access across a range of stakeholders, in a variety of options. They are also dealing with the cost sharing issue and making the connectivity an asset, rather than a liability. Angonet has also become a local ISP and needs to consolidate its functionality in this regard.

Telecentre business model

The telecentre model development in Huambo has gone through the full life cycle from a fully funded situation to a full commercial application. It has reached the pinnacle of community-based Internet access provision and seriously needs to consider the business future of the initiative and the business model it will adopt to remain viable and sustainable.

The connectivity in Huambo is via VSAT with local distribution through WiFi and dial-up links. The telecentre in Huambo is the hub for the distribution and serves 8 wireless as well as 24 dial-up customers, covering government, NGO’s, banks, business and educational institutions.

Also the team plans to extend more telecentres and users wirless system in all peri urban areas of Huambo province.

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